Preferred Electric values safe work practices and employee safety is the most important consideration in the planning and operation of all construction, installation, and maintenance services.  We have implemented Safety programs that emphasize safe work practices and offer training that enables our employees to be successful on the job.  Preferred Electric has developed a behavioral based safety program with the highly respected Safety Compliance Services. PEI focuses on operating accident-free, on-time and economically, and for safe work practices to be the cornerstone of evaluating project success. 

 Our industry demands unprecedented levels of safety management and quality control, and PEI meets these regulations through accreditation.  Our employees are fully trained in all aspects of the marine, oil and gas, and industrial industries.  PEI meets the mandatory and any specialized training necessary by any of our customers.  We will do everything possible to have the best safety record in the industry.  Our management is proactive in every aspect of safety and the well-being of each employee.