Signal & Lighting

Our team of certified technicians provide the following types of services:

Traffic Signal Services:

  • Maintain and install new signals, temporary signals, controller upgrades, loops and perform signal modifications
  • Our team has the following certifications: IMSA Signal Tech Certified 1 & 2, Traffic Control Supervisor Certified, Traffic Control Tech Certified

Roadway Lighting Services:

  • Designing, installing, and maintaining both decorative and roadway lighting, Interchange High mast (deep drilled foundations), Low Mast lighting, Tower Lighting, LED Lighting, Ball Park Lighting, Pathway Lighting

Bridge Electrical Services:

  • Designing, Installing and maintaining electrical control systems and lighting systems for various types of bridges including but not limited to: Swing Bridges, Railway Bridges, Pipeline Bridges, Beam Bridges.
  • Our team has performed the following types of installations on Bridges:
    • Power Generation Systems
    • Control House Electrical Systems
    • Submarine Cable Installations
    • Lighting Systems (Roadway and Navigation Aids)
    • Traffic Control Devices

Runway Lighting

  • Installing and maintaining Taxiway Edge Lights, Runway Edge Lights, Runway Centerline Lights, Touchdown Zone Lights (TDZ), Threshold Lighting, Airfield Guidance Signs, Runway Distance Remaining Markers, Helipad Lighting, Regulators (4kW to 50kW), Airfield Lighting Control and Monitoring Systems (ALCMS), Junction Plazas, And Beacons.

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